Ky Travis M.A., J.D.

“When we feel listened to we feel validated, we feel whole and our self esteem soars!”

K. Travis

During the past thirty years of my professional life I have worn many hats including that of a Legal Services Attorney, Mental Health Crisis Counselor and Family Therapist. I have also worked as a High School English teacher, bartender in resort towns, delivery truck driver, wedding photographer, wrangler, house painter, Youth Coach and Care Taker for a wonderful gentleman living with Alzheimers. My most recent full time occupation was as a Psychology Professor. I taught for ten years at the tribal college of the Navajo Nation. All rewarding jobs filled with many opportunities for personal growth and learning. What all of these jobs had in common, skill wise, is that they involved a lot of LISTENING. Sometimes professionally as a therapist or teacher, and also quite simply as a good coworker and friend.

The photo you see  is one of me standing next to a friend’s plane. I am not the pilot, but rather the co-pilot. As a MINDFUL LISTENER I will be your copilot, keeping you on track and assisting you in finding and following your own internal flight plan. I have the skills to do it and I now have the time available in my own life to offer this as an affordable service.